The Non-Fashion Guy’s Easiest Guide to Dressing Well

Struggling to find your style? Here’s a secret fashion elitists don’t want you to know. Dressing well isn’t hard. Follow a few simple rules and you’ll be all set:

  • Take care of your basics and the rest will fall into place.
  • Tidiness is essential — regular haircuts, clean hands, and unstained clothes are stylish.
  • Wear an actual watch. Save your smart watch for the gym.
  • Invest in stylish shoes that fit your lifestyle.

Keep it simple

The top reason most people — men and women — don’t put effort into dressing well is that they are overwhelmed. The basic assumption is that you must buy expensive stuff from expensive brands to look good.

But this is simply not true. You can look stylish in an outfit from Old Navy that cost you $50 in total. I challenge you to start observing fashionable guys (not in a creepy way of course). You’ll realize that while individual styles can vary, guys that dress well have one thing in common — they keep it simple.

Trust me on this. I was like you a few years ago, but then I saw what makes a fashionable guy look fashionable. Simplicity, even plainness, is the key.

Today, I’m going to let you know how exactly you can get better at your fashion game and transform how you look and feel about yourself.

How to look better

After years of learning how to look amazing and experimenting, I have finally cracked the code. The best part is, this will be easy. There are only five areas that you should focus on to look better. 

You fix these five things and your style will start falling into place automatically!

1. Stop advertising

I was you at some point in time — and now I regret it — but hey, I made those mistakes and it helped me learn and get better. 

What mistakes am I talking about? Wearing clothes with huge logos. I’m guilty of it!

See, you don’t want to wear a shirt, a t-shirt, or a polo shirt with a massive logo. And yes, that look is popular in some circles — but it’s not terribly stylish.

When you wear clothes with huge logos, you are simply advertising the brand. People, on the other hand, will either cringe or quickly judge you as immature or unsophisticated.

A good example is, be it a $200, a $2,000, or a $20,000 suit, do you see the designer label printed on the suit? Nope. Because showy logos don’t have a place on the classic men’s suit.

So invest in quality clothes that have no logo or a tiny logo that doesn’t overtake the style. 

2. Buy more solid colors

Instead of buying clothes with prints and patterns, stock up on solid colors.

The magical thing about wearing solid colors is that they’re effortless to style. They combine more easily with other garments you own and they never go out of style.

Check out @tobias.weilhammer above. White shirt, tan pants, black shoes. Simple and classic. Stylish. He looks mysterious and refined even though his outfit is quite basic. That’s the power of wearing solid colors.

3. Wear a nice watch

Guys, please invest in a nice watch. If you think an Apple Watch is a nice pick, it is not!

Smartwatches tell the time, but they are not timepieces. Also, there are dedicated services and devices that are far superior to your Apple watch for tracking your activity and health.

So just don’t replace your watch with a smartwatch. Or if you’ve already done that, reverse course. A watch will always be a watch and cannot be, nor should it be, replaced.

Also, a “good watch” doesn’t need to be Rolex or Phatek Phillipe. See examples in my Amazon gallery below — they’re all stylish but also budget-friendly.

4. Don’t cheat your barber

Your haircut makes a huge difference in how you look. It’s likely you need a fresh haircut every two or three weeks. Set a reminder on your calendar. If that frequency blows your budget, try a budget salon like Great Clips.

If you are balding, consider shaving your head completely. Remember, the top actors in the world who are balding have their heads shaved. They look amazing, and so will you. You are not any different than they are. You can you rock that look!

5. Wear your shoes properly

Every shoe has its purpose. You can’t wear flip flops to your office or gym, and you can’t wear sports shoes to a beach or wedding, period.

If you are dressing up, wear something nice like double-monks, oxfords, brogues, chukkas, or chelsea boots. For casual outings, go for tidy sneakers, chukka boots, or a chelsea boot. If you have no idea what a double-monk or chukka is, no worries. See the picks from Amazon below for some examples.

Learn to wear your shoes appropriately for the event and you will see how things around you change. It will make you feel confident, open up new opportunities for you, and whatnot!

A transformation for the best

There’s no rule that being stylish is only for women and not for men. When you look good, you feel good. And then, people treat you differently. You can make friends, get a job, find a date, and lots more.

If you don’t believe me, try it out and prove me wrong. My guess is that you’ll love your new stylish self and decide to stick with it.