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5 Easy Style Rules for the Guy Who Wants to Dress Well

don't wear giant logos


When you wear clothes with huge logos, you are mostly advertising the  brand. It's a wasted chance to share your own style with the world. 

wear more solid colors


Solid colors are easy to style. They combine more easily with other garments you own and they  never go out of style.

wear a nice watch


Specifically, skip the smart watch and wear a timepiece. Try an analog watch with a leather band.

Don't cheat your barber 


Your haircut makes a huge difference in how you look. It’s likely you  need a fresh haircut every two or three weeks. Set a reminder on your  calendar. If that frequency blows your budget, try a budget salon like  Great Clips.

match your shoes to the occasion


Every shoe has its purpose. You can’t wear flip flops to your office or  gym, and you can’t wear sports shoes to a beach or wedding, period.