How to Wear Black Jeans 6 Ways

Here’s the quick answer on how to wear black jeans — you can pair those jeans with any of the following:

  1. A black jacket
  2. A fitted sweater
  3. A tidy t-shirt
  4. A blazer (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!)
  5. Layers — try a white t-shirt topped with an open button-down
  6. Your favorite henley

Why wear black jeans?

While blue jeans can have that breezy look or just have chill vibes around them, black jeans have a bit more formality. They’re more stylish than blue jeans, but as comfortable. Also:

  • You can wear your black jeans straight for many days. No one will notice they are the same pair if you switch out the rest of the outfit.
  • They can be dressed up or down.
  • Black jeans are easier to clean than blue jeans.

How to wear black jeans

1. Black jeans and a black jacket

For a rugged look, throw on a black denim jacket or heavier shirt over a black tee with black jeans. Anchor the look with white or gray sneakers. If you’re a jewelry guy, add a ring or two. A stainless steel or black watch would look amazing with this outfit also.

You could also swap out the denim jacket for a leather one. That combo will have a higher edge factor. If you’re really feeling tough, reach for leather boots or lug boots in lieu of sneakers.

2. Black jeans and fitted sweater

You can also top your black jeans with a fitted sweater. This is an easy combination that’s a step up from the more common outfit of blue jeans and sweater. And you don’t have to be super fit (like this 👆 guy) to pull this off either. If you don’t like tighter sweaters, experiment with a heavier-weight knit — it will be more forgiving.

Lean into solid-colored sweaters for this look. Patterns will be more casual and less chic.

3. Slim-fit black jeans and a tee

Are you having a lazy day? Or do you just don’t feel like dressing up? Or do you just want to keep it simple? 

A slim-fit black jean paired with a white or black t-shirt will do the job. Add a brown leather watch and white sneakers. You can finish things off by donning a light-brown cap if you dare.

That’s how you look stunning without putting any effort in. Let’s hi-five to this.

4. Black jeans with a blazer

Hot date on the calendar? Try black jeans topped with a v-neck t-shirt and blazer. One of the easiest jean colors to match with any blazer is this one. Literally, you could wear a pink, brown, maroon, or white blazer with your black jeans. Charcoal and black would be my top picks though.

Unlike other outfits, you can wear this with sneakers, formal shoes, or boots.

5. Black jeans and layers

If you don’t love the monochrome black outfit (or you’ve already worn that one this week), bring more colors into your outfit by layering. Top your black jeans with a white or light-colored t-shirt plus an open button-down. The right button-down will be medium-weight or heavier — that way, it won’t fly all around on a windy day.

6. Distressed jeans and henley

Distressed jeans in black have a low-maintenance feel that’s great for running errands or hanging out on the weekends. You can pair those jeans with a long-sleeved henley, tucked in. Add a belt, too. This way, you look put together rather than messy. Brown or black boots can anchor this look.

You don’t need jewelry with this ensemble. That contradicts the low-maintenance look you’re going for here.

Black jeans for easy style

Every guy should have a good pair of black jeans on hand. If you need an affordable pair, try:

With black jeans, you can quickly put together high-impact outfits with basic pieces — like solid-colored t-shirts, casual button-downs, and jackets you already own. Plus you can wear black jeans with nearly any shoe, from sneakers to leather boots.